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Crawcrook Centenary Primitive Methodist Church

The roll of honour is of paper behind glass and within an ornamental wood frame.  It has a green border with three medals, right, left and centre. Below is a gold scroll with the words “For king, country and humanity” and flags below with the words “Roll of” and “Honour” on either side. Handwritten names are in three columns headed “Name” “Service” and “Remarks”. There are fifty five names.
The inscription reads:
For king country and humanity roll of honour. For the brave men who had gone forth at the call of duty from Crawcrook Primitive Church. To the great European War of 1914 -
not once or twice in our rough island story the path of duty was the way to glory.

The roll of honour board had actually gone missing for several years. It was during some renovation work to an upstairs cupboard in the 1990s that it was found. A wall was being demolished to extend the cupboard and the roll of honour was found lying against a side wall. It is believed the honour board was taken down some years previously during decorating to the main entrance. The honour board takes pride of place underneath the pulpit every Remembrance Sunday.

Suggett Plaque. This plaque is hung on a wall in the upstairs balcony of the church. It is of brass, mounted on a wood base with intertwined stems around the plaque. At the top is an emblem of the Northumberland Fusiliers. The lettering of the name below is sunk in casting and is black, with serif and plain fonts.
The inscription reads:
In loving memory of Charles Edward Suggett of Crawcrook, who died 6th April 1917 in his 32nd year at Cayeux, France, from wounds received whilst serving his country. For 14 years a faithful member of this church. This tablet was erected by his loving wife Phoebe Suggett.
“ Until the day dawns”


Members of the church, 2007


L/Corp. C.E. SUGGETT. 1399. Died of wounds. April 6th1917.
Pte. W. KEENAN. 2100. Died of wounds. April 1915.
A. B. Sea. ED. SIMPSON. Z4205. Killed in action. Nov. 13th 1916.
Pte. J. RICHARDSON. 3733. Killed in action. Dec. 13th 1915.
L/Corp. FRED RUTHERFORD. 1018. Killed in action. July 1st 1916.
L/Serg. JOS. D. CLOUGH. 2104. Killed in action. Sept. 15th 1916.
Pte. GEO. HARDY. 4021. Missing presumed dead. Nov. 14th 1916.
Pte. WM. PEARSON. 240964. Died prisoner of war in Germany.
Pte. GEO. COCKBAIN. 2065. Killed in action. Sept.15th 1916.
L/Corp. J.G. DOBSON. 12081. Missing presumed killed. August 1917.
Pte. WM. READER. 30525. Killed in action. October 22nd 1917.
Pte. JOS. LEEMING. 36988. Killed in action. August 25th 1917.
Pte. WM. J. CHARLTON. 42615. Died of wounds. Sept. 21st 1916.

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